Statistik och betydelse av namnet Demmerle

Användning: 4% förnamn, 96% efternamn.
Demmerle som förnamn hittades 14 gånger i 2 olika länder. (USA,Germany)
Efternamnet Demmerle används minst 323 gånger i minst 6 länder.

      Surname Demmerle
Peter Demmerle (6)
Michael Demmerle (6)
Christian Demmerle (5)
Pierre Demmerle (4)
Serge Demmerle (4)
Marie Demmerle (4)
Michel Demmerle (3)
Olivia Demmerle (3)
Gilbert Demmerle (3)
Gilles Demmerle (3)
Jean Demmerle (3)
Antoine Demmerle (3)
Dieter Demmerle (3)
Eric Demmerle (2)
Emile Demmerle (2)
Dominique Demmerle (2)
Eugene Demmerle (2)
Rolf Demmerle (2)
Valerie Demmerle (2)
Julien Demmerle (2)
Raphael Demmerle (2)
Norbert Demmerle (2)
Annemarie Demmerle (2)
Philippe Demmerle (2)
Lucien Demmerle (2)
Reinhold Demmerle (2)
Elisabeth Demmerle (2)
Gerard Demmerle (2)
Helene Demmerle (2)
Joelle Demmerle (2)
Marc Demmerle (2)
Christophe Demmerle (2)
Celine Demmerle (2)
Patrick Demmerle (2)
Virginie Demmerle (2)
Raymond Demmerle (2)
Murielle Demmerle (1)
Edmund Demmerle (1)
Michele Demmerle (1)
Fernand Demmerle (1)
Edeltraud Demmerle (1)
Fabien Demmerle (1)
Beate Demmerle (1)
Victor Demmerle (1)
Richard Demmerle (1)
Rene Demmerle (1)
Remy Demmerle (1)
Herve Demmerle (1)
Florian Demmerle (1)
Severine Demmerle (1)
Edmond Demmerle (1)
Tiffany Demmerle (1)
Stephane Demmerle (1)
Simon Demmerle (1)
Arnaud Demmerle (1)
Klaus Demmerle (1)
Uta Demmerle (1)
Sabine Demmerle (1)
Ruth Demmerle (1)
Rudibert Demmerle (1)
Gabriel Demmerle (1)
Susi Demmerle (1)
Elda Demmerle (1)
Jurg Demmerle (1)
Rudolf Demmerle (1)
Franz Demmerle (1)
Arthur Demmerle (1)
Brigitte Demmerle (1)
Mario Demmerle (1)
Margarethe Demmerle (1)
Manfred Demmerle (1)
Hubert Demmerle (1)
Marion Demmerle (1)
Edgar Demmerle (1)
Otto Demmerle (1)
Otmar Demmerle (1)
Denis Demmerle (1)
Karl Demmerle (1)
Mickael Demmerle (1)
Christine Demmerle (1)
Charles Demmerle (1)
Cedric Demmerle (1)
Catherine Demmerle (1)
Claude Demmerle (1)
Colette Demmerle (1)
Margot Demmerle (1)
Dorothee Demmerle (1)
Veronique Demmerle (1)
Camille Demmerle (1)
Antoinette Demmerle (1)
Albine Demmerle (1)
Albert Demmerle (1)
Alain Demmerle (1)
Chantal Demmerle (1)
Alfred Demmerle (1)
Alphonse Demmerle (1)
Alexandrine Demmerle (1)
Angelique Demmerle (1)
Amandine Demmerle (1)
Erwin Demmerle (1)
Roger Demmerle (1)
Martin Demmerle (1)
Louis Demmerle (1)
Loic Demmerle (1)
Nicolas Demmerle (1)
Matthieu Demmerle (1)
Melanie Demmerle (1)
Noel Demmerle (1)
Natacha Demmerle (1)
Nelly Demmerle (1)
Josette Demmerle (1)
Jonathan Demmerle (1)
Francois Demmerle (1)
Florestan Demmerle (1)
Ferdinand Demmerle (1)
Paulette Demmerle (1)
Guy Demmerle (1)
Jessica Demmerle (1)
Jeannine Demmerle (1)
Jacques Demmerle (1)
Pascal Demmerle (1)

Demmerle Schreinerei (1)
Demmerle Paul (1)

Demmerle   Demmerle   Demmerle   Demmerle   

Demmerle reversed is Elremmed
Name contains 8 letters - 37.50% vowels and 62.50% consonants.

Anagrams: Mreeldem
Misspells: Demmelle Demmerrle Demmerlea Dmemerle Demmerel Demmelre

Rim: Berle Merle Earle memory jeopardy tenderly beggary emery

Meaning of this name is unknown.
Michael Demmerle says: Based on the current locations of the registered Demmerle Families, it is sensible to conclude that the origin is indeed from France. I would tend to believe it derived from the family(ies) De Merle, or Du Merle (not much difference in meaning, and apt for incorrect written recordings during middle-aged Europe). If this is true, traces of the family could reach back to the 11th centuries as records of both family names are noted in Normandy and the Limosine areas. Any feedback on this theory would be great.

Michael Demmerle says: Demmerle is originally derived from the name Tamerl. Kaspar Tamerl * 1579 Strengen, Landeck (Tyrol / Austria) From there migrations probably first in the period around 1650 to France and Germany (Pfalz) stood. Most likely were the emigrants to Germany as a "guest worker" on the reconstruction of the 30-year war involved destroyed Pfalz. In the summer, the guest workers worked as a bricklayer and in the winter time was slaughtered by the farmers. From France and Germany, further emigration to America took place.

Denna sida har besökts från följande länder: United States Germany France Switzerland United Kingdom Canada Austria Luxembourg Thailand Botswana Russian Federation Czech Republic Italy Belgium


Författare: Eva Demmerle

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