Statistik och betydelse av namnet Tytler

Användning: 3% förnamn, 97% efternamn.
Tytler som förnamn hittades 10 gånger i 3 olika länder.
Efternamnet Tytler används minst 263 gånger i minst 10 länder.

      Surname Tytler
Elizabeth Tytler (5)
Ian Tytler (4)
Christopher Tytler (4)
David Tytler (4)
Catherine Tytler (3)
Catriona Tytler (3)
Charles Tytler (3)
Amy Tytler (3)
Amanda Tytler (3)
Brian Tytler (2)
Beverley Tytler (2)
Augustus Tytler (2)
Alison Tytler (2)
Graham Tytler (2)
Susan Tytler (2)
Elaine Tytler (2)
Emma Tytler (2)
Gordon Tytler (2)
Waheeda Tytler (2)
Kevin Tytler (2)
Jacquelyn Tytler (2)
Penelope Tytler (2)
Alain Tytler (2)
Lisa Tytler (2)
Laura Tytler (2)
Margaret Tytler (1)
Marian Tytler (1)
Ethel Tytler (1)
William Tytler (1)
Raymond Tytler (1)
Eilean Tytler (1)
Eleanor Tytler (1)
Noella Tytler (1)
Peter Tytler (1)
Sue Tytler (1)
Hilda Tytler (1)
Justin Tytler (1)
Ronald Tytler (1)
Edna Tytler (1)
Karen Tytler (1)
Jennifer Tytler (1)
Robert Tytler (1)
Luke Tytler (1)
Ishbel Tytler (1)
Letitia Tytler (1)
Jacqueline Tytler (1)
Stuart Tytler (1)
Darren Tytler (1)
Joan Tytler (1)
John Tytler (1)
Alex Tytler (1)
Abimbola Tytler (1)
Adam Tytler (1)
Alan Tytler (1)
Alaine Tytler (1)
Harry Tytler (1)
Robt Tytler (1)
Danny Tytler (1)
Craig Tytler (1)
Steve Tytler (1)
Stanley Tytler (1)
Jermey Tytler (1)
Chris Tytler (1)
Tabitha Tytler (1)
Alastair Tytler (1)
Alfred Tytler (1)
Deborah Tytler (1)
Janice Tytler (1)
Colin Tytler (1)
Denise Tytler (1)
Derek Tytler (1)
Doreen Tytler (1)
Diana Tytler (1)
Carol Tytler (1)
Cara Tytler (1)
Andrea Tytler (1)
Allan Tytler (1)
Andrew Tytler (1)
Anne Tytler (1)
Bernadette Tytler (1)
Ann Tytler (1)
Dorothy Tytler (1)

Given name Tytler
Tytler Duff (1)


Tytler reversed is Reltyt
Name contains 6 letters - 33.33% vowels and 66.67% consonants.

Anagrams: Rylett Ttyelr Ttyerl Ytterl
Misspells: Tytlel Tytlerr Titler Tytlera Ttyler Tytlre Tytelr

Rim: Butler Hitler Koestler Whistler antler brittler butler feebler dealer beater peter teeter

Meaning of this name is unknown.
Morton says: This very unusual medieval surname is a form of job descriptive metonymic. It derives from the Old English "Teothing", and means literally "one who collected the Tithes or local Taxes". The word "tithe" translates as a tenth part (of a persons' land or revenue) and the "Tyther or Tither" would have been responsible for assessing this valuation. It has to be said that his occupation may not have made the holders very popular, nevertheless; the surname is well recorded in the London area under a variety of spellings. The first recording shown is a good example of "name change", the father being spelt "Tytler" whilst the son appears as "Tydler". The name also appears as "Tidler" but not before 1780 and as Tedler slightly earlier circa 1750. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of James Tytler, which was dated July 3rd 1560, a witness at the christening of his son John at St. Andrew's by the Wardrobe, London, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1, "Good Queen Bess", 1558 - 1603. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

Denna sida har besökts från följande länder: United States United Kingdom Russian Federation Canada India Thailand Australia New Zealand Austria Germany Hungary


Kända människor: Patrick Fraser Tytler FRSE FSA, Robert Christopher Tytler, James Tytler, Mary Seton Fraser Tytler, Donald Alexander Tytler

Författare: W. Tytler, James Tytler, Russell Tytler, Bruce Tytler, Sarah Tytler, Graeme Tytler, Peter Tytler, David Tytler, Harriet Tytler, Alexander Fraser Tytler, I. F. B. Tytler, Charles Edward Fraser Tytler, Kay Tytler Abella, Patrick Fraser Tytler

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