Statistik och betydelse av namnet Mccraw

Användning: 3% förnamn, 97% efternamn.
Mccraw som förnamn hittades 199 gånger i 1 olika länder. (USA)
Efternamnet Mccraw används minst 5006 gånger i minst 8 länder.
Kön för Mccraw i förnamn är 100% feminint och and 0% maskulint.

      Surname Mccraw
Alexander Mccraw (5)
Robert Mccraw (4)
John Mccraw (4)
Paul Mccraw (3)
Ann Mccraw (3)
Anne Mccraw (3)
Agnes Mccraw (3)
Amabel Mccraw (3)
James Mccraw (3)
Margaret Mccraw (3)
David Mccraw (3)
Laura Mccraw (3)
Alison Mccraw (2)
Andrew Mccraw (2)
Mary Mccraw (2)
Brian Mccraw (2)
Kelly Mccraw (2)
Barry Mccraw (2)
Bruce Mccraw (2)
Kathleen Mccraw (2)
Alan Mccraw (2)
Patricia Mccraw (2)
Isabel Mccraw (2)
Thomas Mccraw (2)
Jasmine Mccraw (2)
Kim Mccraw (2)
Aimee Mccraw (2)
Helen Mccraw (2)
Lawrence Mccraw (1)
Janet Mccraw (1)
Kenneth Mccraw (1)
Jeanette Mccraw (1)
Joyce Mccraw (1)
Jessica Mccraw (1)
Jessie Mccraw (1)
Jennifer Mccraw (1)
Jennie Mccraw (1)
Lesley Mccraw (1)
Katie Mccraw (1)
Jason Mccraw (1)
Maureen Mccraw (1)
Sandra Mccraw (1)
Richard Mccraw (1)
Reece Mccraw (1)
Sharon Mccraw (1)
Stuart Mccraw (1)
William Mccraw (1)
Wendy Mccraw (1)
Tracey Mccraw (1)
Raymond Mccraw (1)
Nicola Mccraw (1)
Martha Mccraw (1)
Mark Mccraw (1)
Lynn Mccraw (1)
Martin Mccraw (1)
Jane Mccraw (1)
Nicholas Mccraw (1)
Nial Mccraw (1)
Moira Mccraw (1)
Lucy Mccraw (1)
Evelyn Mccraw (1)
Allan Mccraw (1)
Alastair Mccraw (1)
Adam Mccraw (1)
Rosalia Mccraw (1)
Amanda Mccraw (1)
Angus Mccraw (1)
Beth Mccraw (1)
Audrey Mccraw (1)
Annie Mccraw (1)
Andre Mccraw (1)
Jenn Mccraw (1)
Tanya Mccraw (1)
Roger Mccraw (1)
Glenda Mccraw (1)
Tony Mccraw (1)
Kevin Mccraw (1)
Marion Mccraw (1)
Scott Mccraw (1)
Carol Mccraw (1)
Bridget Mccraw (1)
Bryony Mccraw (1)
Fiona Mccraw (1)
Elizabeth Mccraw (1)
Edward Mccraw (1)
Francis Mccraw (1)
Gregory Mccraw (1)
Jacqueline Mccraw (1)
Hazel Mccraw (1)
Harry Mccraw (1)
Douglas Mccraw (1)
Dorothy Mccraw (1)
Cheryl Mccraw (1)
Charles Mccraw (1)
Catherine Mccraw (1)
Christina Mccraw (1)
Clare Mccraw (1)
Deborah Mccraw (1)
Corrina Mccraw (1)
Corina Mccraw (1)
Jai Mccraw (1)


Mccraw reversed is Warccm
Name contains 6 letters - 16.67% vowels and 83.33% consonants.

Misspells: Mccrow Mcclaw Mccrraw Mccravv Mccrawa Mccrwa Mccarw

Rim: craw draw overdraw raw redraw straw claw macaw law

Meaning of this name is unknown.
Wendy Marie McCraw says: McCraw means: "Sons of Rae". From: Rae to McRae to McCraw. Family Castle; Eilandonan Castle at the ferry enterence to Isle of Sky. Mostly Constables for the Earl of Seaforth in NW Scotland. History of mostly policemen or preachers. Family motto: "FORTIDINE"; Latin for Fortitude. Famous Individual; Duncan McCrae; who defended Eilandonan by himself while the whole castle was out on erands. Killed enemy leader with his last arrow and saved the castle. Two McCraw Brothers immigrated to America and settled in Spartanburg South Carolina before the Civil War. Sarr McCraw Spartanburg SC County Hangman.

Denna sida har besökts från följande länder: United States Russian Federation Germany United Kingdom Ireland Canada China Europe Australia


Författare: Tom McCraw, Margaret McCraw, Bruce M. McCraw, David R. McCraw, Patricia McCraw, Jo Anne McCraw, Joe McCraw, Thomas K. McCraw, John McCraw, Sandra McCraw Scarpa, Ian McCraw

            Faces of people named Mccraw

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