Statistik och betydelse av namnet Jill

Användning: 97% förnamn, 3% efternamn.
Jill som förnamn hittades 244695 gånger i 16 olika länder.
Efternamnet Jill används minst 6975 gånger i minst 28 länder.
Namnets är av Latin ursprung.
Kön för Jill i förnamn är 100% feminint och and 0% maskulint.

      Surname Jill
Lacksa Jill (3)
Gordon Jill (2)
Paul Jill (2)
Showell Jill (1)
Shipley Jill (1)
Smith Jill (1)
Wells Jill (1)
Samantha Jill (1)
Wadeson Jill (1)
Rae Jill (1)
Nicol Jill (1)
Parrington Jill (1)
Phillips Jill (1)
William Jill (1)
Saint Jill (1)
Malika Jill (1)
Ikonen Jill (1)
Eriksson Jill (1)
Niklasson Jill (1)
Sjostedt Jill (1)
Lucas Jill (1)
Engstrom Jill (1)
Barbro Jill (1)
Jakob Jill (1)
Michael Jill (1)
Werner Jill (1)
Wendy Jill (1)
Keohane Jill (1)
Yardley Jill (1)
Lucinda Jill (1)
Crossman Jill (1)
Clare Jill (1)
Darlington Jill (1)
Elliott Jill (1)
Griffith Jill (1)
Fox Jill (1)
Christine Jill (1)
Carly Jill (1)
Breeze Jill (1)
Stockwell Jill (1)
Abdeslem Jill (1)
Andrew Jill (1)
Ashley Jill (1)
Jamie Jill (1)
Jane Jill (1)
Lewis Jill (1)
Kerwant Jill (1)
Louise Jill (1)
Lovrich Jill (1)
Pemberton Jill (1)
Kelvin Jill (1)
Karen Jill (1)
Joanna Jill (1)
Jeetinder Jill (1)
John Jill (1)
Julie Jill (1)
June Jill (1)
Mcmillan Jill (1)

Given name Jill
Jill Wright (48)
Jill Andersson (24)
Jill Karlsson (22)
Jill Johansson (21)
Jill Larsson (19)
Jill Larsen (19)
Jill Johansen (18)
Jill Eriksson (17)
Jill Smith (17)
Jill Nilsson (17)
Jill Andersen (15)
Jill Taylor (14)
Jill Jorgensen (14)
Jill Hansen (14)
Jill Olsson (12)
Jill Nilsen (12)
Jill Jensen (12)
Jill Macdonald (11)
Jill Pedersen (11)
Jill Jonsson (11)
Jill Parsons (11)
Jill Olsen (11)
Jill Nielsen (11)
Jill Persson (10)
Jill Martin (10)
Jill Rose (9)
Jill Abbott (9)
Jill Williams (9)
Jill Porter (9)
Jill Johnson (9)
Jill Bengtsson (9)
Jill Green (9)
Jill Franklin (8)
Jill Evans (8)
Jill Saunders (8)
Jill Jansson (8)
Jill Walker (8)
Jill Stanton (8)
Jill Bennett (8)
Jill Sampson (8)
Jill Strickland (7)
Jill Cunningham (7)
Jill Lindstrom (7)
Jill Robinson (7)
Jill Brown (7)
Jill Mitchell (7)
Jill Gustafsson (7)
Jill Marston (7)
Jill Mortensen (7)
Jill Osmond (7)
Jill Flanagan (7)
Jill Swann (7)
Jill Rasmussen (7)
Jill White (7)
Jill Addison (7)
Jill Sorensen (7)
Jill Christensen (7)
Jill Downing (7)
Jill Skinner (6)
Jill Kelly (6)
Jill Klein (6)
Jill Kristensen (6)
Jill Penny (6)
Jill Holdsworth (6)
Jill Horowitz (6)
Jill Reid (6)
Jill King (6)
Jill Warren (6)
Jill Temple (6)
Jill Frederiksen (6)
Jill Carruthers (6)
Jill Hayward (6)
Jill Craig (6)
Jill Payne (6)
Jill Summers (6)
Jill Lee (6)
Jill Lambert (6)
Jill Thomas (6)
Jill Pettersson (6)
Jill Meredith (6)
Jill Sinclair (6)
Jill Mellody (6)
Jill Ferguson (6)
Jill Parish (6)
Jill Adamson (6)
Jill Burt (5)
Jill Coleman (5)
Jill Daley (5)
Jill Spooner (5)
Jill Potterton (5)
Jill Colbert (5)
Jill Edmondson (5)
Jill Selby (5)
Jill Stuart (5)
Jill Nixon (5)
Jill Summerfield (5)
Jill Pike (5)
Jill Adams (5)
Jill Thomson (5)
Jill Andrews (5)
Jill Cameron (5)
Jill Ireland (5)
Jill Davidson (5)
Jill Vincent (5)
Jill Carpenter (5)
Jill Greenham (5)
Jill Agren (5)
Jill Hollis (5)
Jill Ramsay (5)
Jill Britton (5)
Jill Diamond (5)
Jill Young (5)
Jill Kemp (5)
Jill Bannister (5)
Jill Currie (5)
Jill Burke (5)
Jill Hardwick (5)
Jill Harrington (5)
Jill Baker (5)
Jill Bradshaw (5)
Jill Christy (5)
Jill Langley (5)
Jill Watson (5)
Jill Cartwright (5)
Jill Travis (5)
Jill Andreassen (5)
Jill Blackwell (5)
Jill Gardiner (5)
Jill Bate (5)
Jill Davies (5)
Jill Hodge (5)
Jill Boulton (5)
Jill Bartlett (5)
Jill Gore (5)
Jill Power (5)
Jill Lundgren (5)
Jill Halliday (5)
Jill Jones (5)
Jill Cole (5)
Jill Heslop (5)
Jill Whiting (5)
Jill Tobin (5)
Jill Ritchie (5)
Jill Jeffrey (5)
Jill Tunnicliffe (5)
Jill Hickery (5)
Jill Eliasson (5)
Jill Fenwick (5)
Jill Dowse (5)
Jill Meads (5)
Jill Alexander (5)
Jill Munro (5)
Jill Chapman (5)
Jill Tenney (5)
Jill Henriksson (5)
Jill Pearson (5)
Jill Donaldson (5)
Jill Hollstein (4)
Jill Dunn (4)
Jill Lord (4)
Jill Humphreys (4)
Jill Loakes (4)
Jill Schjerve (4)
Jill Getgood (4)
Jill Read (4)
Jill Ellwood (4)
Jill Grenyer (4)
Jill Ambler (4)
Jill Cornforth (4)
Jill Rogers (4)
Jill Spencely (4)
Jill Bonnell (4)
Jill Fraser (4)
Jill Douglas (4)
Jill Coles (4)
Jill Bartholomew (4)
Jill Nutt (4)
Jill Barr (4)
Jill Sweeney (4)
Jill Logsdail (4)
Jill Hunny (4)
Jill Robertson (4)
Jill Horrocks (4)
Jill Slorance (4)
Jill Hobbs (4)
Jill Fletcher (4)
Jill Pickard (4)
Jill Lampon (4)
Jill Springbett (4)
Jill Bagley (4)
Jill Dobson (4)
Jill Mclean (4)
Jill Stief (4)
Jill Herbert (4)
Jill Chappell (4)
Jill Munday (4)
Jill Sargent (4)
Jill Wilson (4)
Jill Millar (4)
Jill Kozlow (4)


Jill reversed is Llij
Name contains 4 letters - 25.00% vowels and 75.00% consonants.

Anagrams: Jlil Llij Lilj
Misspells: Jyll Jjll Iill Jell Jilla Jlil

Rim: Bill Catskill Churchill Gill Goodwill Hamill Hill till bill chill pill til

Betydelsen av namnet Jill är: Down-bearded youth
Denna sida har besökts från följande länder: United States India United Kingdom Germany Canada Malaysia Russian Federation France Netherlands Australia Poland Sweden Japan Spain Ukraine Europe Austria Ireland Hong Kong Lebanon Belgium Thailand Brazil Italy Luxembourg Bangladesh Korea Bulgaria New Caledonia Philippines Moldova New Zealand Algeria Singapore Trinidad and Tobago Argentina Israel Iran Denmark


Old Wiki
Name: Jill
Gender: Feminine
Location: Europe
Language: Latin
Thematic: History
Meaning: Ultimately from Latin, Jill has various meanings and possible origins (French or English) including: Youthful, sweetheart, girl, downy-haired child.
When used in English from Jillian/Gillian it can mean "Jove's Child"
"Jack and Jill" nursery rhyme (according to Wikipedia)
While the true origins of the rhyme are unknown, there are several theories. The earliest publication of the lyrics was in the 1760s in John Newbery's Mother Goose's Melody. As a result, Jack and Jill are considered part of the canon of "Mother Goose" characters. As is common with nursery rhyme exegesis, complicated metaphors are often said to exist within the lyrics of Jack and Jill. Although these theories of meaning appear to make perfect sense, it does not follow that they are in fact the original meaning of the song. This is corroborated by the fact that the Newbery publication predates some of the common origin stories. These include:
In Norse mythology, Hjúki and Bil, a brother and sister (respectively) who, according to the 13th-century Prose Edda book Gylfaginning written by Icelandic historian Snorri Sturluson, were taken up from the earth by the moon (personified as the god Máni) as they were fetching water from the well called Byrgir, bearing on their shoulders the cask called Saegr and the pole called Simul. Many tales and figures from the Prose Edda date much earlier, recorded from Skaldic poetry that was transmitted orally, much of which related to stories rooted in the Germanic paganism of the Germanic peoples.
The village of Kilmersdon in Somerset has a long tradition of association with the nursery rhyme and the hill featured in the rhyme is said to be one near this village. It has been suggested that the surname Gilson originated in this area and could have been derived from 'son of Jill'.
Jack is Cardinal Wolsey (c.1471–1530); and Gill is Bishop Tarbes who attempted to arrange the marriage of Mary Tudor to the French king. Their failure to negotiate this peace with France led to tax raises and thus the Jack and Jill protest song.[4]
In the 17th century, King Charles I tried to reform the taxes on liquid measures. He was blocked by Parliament, so subsequently ordered that the volume of a Jack (1/2 pint) be reduced, but the tax remained the same. This meant that he still received more tax, despite Parliament's veto. Hence "Jack fell down and broke his crown" (many pint glasses in the UK still have a line marking the 1/2 pint level with a crown above it) "and Jill came tumbling after". The reference to "Jill", (actually a "gill", or 1/4 pint) is an indication that the gill dropped in volume as a consequence. A variant of this is that liquids (specifically alcoholic beverages) were watered down, hence, "fetch a pail of water."
Jack and Jill signify the 18th century Louis XVI of France, who was deposed and beheaded (lost his crown), and his Queen, Marie Antoinette (who came tumbling after). The words and lyrics were made more palatable for the nursery by giving it a happy ending.
Jack and Jill were forms of currency referring to dollars and cents, respectively. The rising value of Jacks and Jill caused them to "go up a hill" until a plague caused a lack of water, causing a drop in the values of this currency (falling down and breaking his crown).[5]
A Jack and Jill reference appears in William Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" at the end of act three: Jack shall have Jill; Nought shall go ill. There is no evidence of any specific connection between this and the nursery rhyme and it is probable that the Jack and Jill here are used in a general representative sense for man and woman. A similar reference occurs in Shakespeare's Love's Labour's Lost near the end of the play: "Our wooing doth not end like an old play; Jack hath not Jill".
During the10th or 11th century the name Gil or Jil was being given to boys. Somewhere between then and now an extra "l" was added and it became a girl's name -- which would ultimately make it's debut on "America's top 1000 baby names for the year 1929" coming in at number 988!
Jill would make it peak in 1977 as #41 on the list.
Jill is now back on the bottom at #985 for 2000.
Famous Jills today are:
Jill Kelly (best known for her roles in adult films and line of adult toys)
Jill Hennessy on "Crossing Jordan"
Jill St. John from Diamonds are Forever (1971)
Jill Biden, Second Lady of the United States of America (2009-20xx)
Jill Duggar, fourth child to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar (TLC show: "19 Kids and Counting" as of 2011)
Jill Bolte Taylor, neuroanatomist and author of "Stroke of Insight"
Jill Clayburgh, Academy Award winning actress (1944-2010)
Jill Zarin from the TV show "Real Housewives of New York"
Jill Vidal, Hong-Kong based urban pop artist
Jill Scott, American soul and R&B singer/song writer
Jill Carter, American politician from Maryland
Jill Craybas, Professional American tennis player
Jill Johnson, Swedish country/pop singer
Famous Characters named Jill include:
Jill Munroe from Charlie's Angels (Farrah Fawcett)
Jill Foster #3 from The Young and the Restless (Deborah Adair)
Jill Stevens #2 from Days of our Lives (Sarah Aldrich)
Jill Valentine from Resident Evil (Heidi Anderson)
Jill Taylor from Home Improvement (Patricia Richardson)
Jill Pole from C.S. Lewis's "Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair" and "Chronicles of Narnia: The Last Battle" (Camilla Power)
Jill Greene from FRIENDS (Rachel Greene's sister (Reese Witherspoon))
Jill McIntire from the American Girl Collection (Molly McIntire's older sister)
Jack Off Jill was an alternative rock band from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida founded in 1992
J. Jill is a womens clothing line
"Jack and Jill vs. the World" 2008 movie
"Four Jacks and a Jill" 1942 movie
"Everybody Loves Jill" song written by Cowboy Mouth in 2000.

Kända människor: Jill Tracy Biden, Jill Munroe, Jill Saward, Jill Scott

Författare: Jill Haglund, Jill Walker, Jill Jameson, Jill Sparrow, Jill Leslie, Jill Gaskell, Jill Howard, Jill Dow, Jill Halcomb, Michael Jilling, Jill Downie, Jill Leyland, jill Pascoe, Jill Sheeley, Jill Torrie, Jill Stubington, Jill Hartz, Jill Engledow, Jill Raymond, Jill Cononolly

Böcker: "Jill's Dogs" "Jill rips" "Jill's Gymkhana (Jill)" "Jack and Jill" "Fly Away, Jill"

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